Published print and online stories
Images and Voices of Hope

How crowdfunding platform, Press Start, puts independent journalists at the heart of the story

Refugee Radio Network rises in Europe despite xenophobia

How Archive of Migrant Memories uses collaborative storytelling to shift representations of migrants

2016 Knight International Awardee Miranda Patrucić on the importance of collaboration in investigative reporting

‘(In)visible Cities’ explores African diaspora narratives in Europe and beyond

The unlikely story and friendship of an American reporter and a Somali Olympian

Refugees Deeply 

An Intimate Look at the Global Refugee Crisis

Comment: World Refugee Week Roundup
Frontiere News 

Stories don’t end and other lessons from migrants at sea

Living at the Border

Hiiraan Online 

From Libya to Lampedusa

Border Criminologies University of Oxford

Refugee and Migrant Stories from Italy

CBC News Online

Syrian-Canadians cope with ‘constant stress’ of war back home

Interactive: Stories from Syria

Exploring Mesopotamia’s ancient treasures

Islamic art making a stir at Calgary coffee shop

Expressions poetry


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