Antonio Conte has urged his supporters

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte has urged his supporters not to withdraw the accelerator against Norwich (Dec 5). Because momentum is good and they are just two points behind the Champions League final. There is still a queue left to compete in your hand.

Spurs are six points table Premier League England have 22 points behind West Ham’s fourth just two points , plus a team of Conte ‘s race less than one appointment.  

For this reason, the 52- year- old boss urged the team to put full load on the table plum. Show off your own football club.

” I think at this hour it is important to look at each other on a match – by – match basis, it is important to be more concerned with your own performance than to the performance of other teams, ”  he said in a statement. 

“ Of course, the standings on the scoreboard are very important. I’ve always said that I want to try to get as close to the leader as possible.  Because when you point them You can train hard to improve yourself. Over time we can get better.  Then can develop in many areas with the players. So let’s wait until then and see what happens. ” 

“ Of course we need to polish ourselves even more. including cursing some competitors to stumble. ” 

“ But at the same time we have to keep the group as high as possible. The only way to do that is to go down and grab 3 points. ” 

” To find Norwich ‘s another tough game but it will be very important if you have 3 points. The players know we must work from now explosive situation the team is in a good momentum in order to reach the goal .” 

“ Getting points at the top of the table, the win over Brentford gave us more confidence , belief in hard work and football ideas. This time, therefore, must be gathered. ” 

‘  Tottenham Hotspur  ‘ era Conte collects 7 from the last 9 points, and there is good news when Son Heung – Min completely relieves the burden of the front line from Harry Kane.

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