Brendan Rodgers had previously been in charge of Liverpool

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Ex-Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy has said Brendan Rodgers had previously been in charge of Liverpool, hampering his handling of rivals Manchester United.

         Rodgers is one of the managers named after the Red Devils sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer before Ralph Rangnick took over temporarily. until the end of this season.

         After the Foxes’ trend collapsed, with Mauricio Pochettino seen as having superior taxes. Murphy said one of the reasons could be due to his former Liverpool manager.

         “It’s unfortunate for Manchester United that Brendan Rodgers was in charge of Liverpool before, otherwise I think he’s a good fit to be a long-term manager at Old Trafford.” Dorphy told the Daily Mail.

         “Working in the past doesn’t have to break the deal. But it doesn’t help as Rafa Benitez is working at Everton. So Mauricio Pochettino is a favorite to take over next season, except Rang Rang. Nick will do well until he stays.”

         “Rodgers can do a lot. He’s experienced at a young age enough to have the appetite and drive United forward.”

         “In football People are more often judged in the last game than the career path which is unfair. Leicester’s performance has not been good this season. But even with many injured players They are still in the top half of the table and are leading in the Europa League.”

         “Less than six months ago they won the FA Cup. They beat Manchester United in the quarter-finals and beat Chelsea in the final. And twice in a row they were almost in the Champions League.”

         “Rodgers knows how to deal with the spotlight. After working with Liverpool and Celtic, it’s exciting to think of what he will do with the team at Old Trafford. Because his contribution to the development of players has been outstanding.”