Countdown to Euro 2024: Decoding the championship favorites

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Countdown to Euro 2024 Decoding the championship favorites and possibilities from AI calculations.

Revealing the chances of winning Euro 2024 from the artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer. Opta uses databases and calculations conscientiously to make predictions for Euro 2024. Which national team has a chance to rise to the throne in the competition? European Championship this time Higher than anyone–and below.

You’ve probably already seen the news about Euro 2024 ‘s movements at Opta.

Leading sports data analysis company. Take artificial intelligence (AI) from supercomputers. Let’s calculate again and again. Until the conclusion of this European Championship.

But in fact Opta’s analysis doesn’t just focus on the championship. But we still evaluate the opportunities of each nation. How far do you have the right to go, whether it’s 8 teams, the playoffs, or reaching the finals?


  • Champion : 2%

    Finalist : 5.7%

    Semi-finals : 14%

    Round of 8 teams : 34.4%

The 3rd place holder from the 2022 World Cup and the 2018 World Cup runner-up are quite underrated. With the overall picture being the “top 10” of the show and having only a 2 percent chance of becoming champion.

The first factor is probably because Zlatko Dalic’s team has not been able to create many great new faces in the last 2-3 years, at the same time that all the old main players Starting to fade with age

  • Luka Modric scored 38 and was dropped to Real Madrid’s reserve.

    Ivan Perisic was 35

    and now returns home to play at Hajduk Split. Domagoy Vida is also 35. Now goes to AEK Athens,

    Andrej Kramaric 32, despite still good performance with Hoffenheim (17 goals),

    Marcelo Brozovic 31 and moves to Al-Na. Sir

The only players who have a chance to win are the Navy pair of Mateo Kovacic (30) and Yosco Guardiol (22), who are currently enjoying their time with Manchester City.

Another factor It depends on the performance in the qualifying round, where Croatia lost 2 out of 8 matches and entered the final round as runner-up in the group, next to Turkey.


  • Champion : 2.2%

    Finalist : 6%

    Semi-finals : 14.8%

    Round of 8 teams : 32.8%

The legendary champions of 1992 were heartbreakingly eliminated from the semi-finals at the previous Euro (2020, kicking off in 2021) due to questionable timing. extra time episode

However, Casper Hulmand’s Denmark lost ทางเข้า ufabet a lot of points with their disastrous failure. Failed in the first round of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, unable to win out of 3 matches.

Especially when combined with the performance in the qualifying round. that even though they are in a group that is not strong But having to wait for a long time until the last match (group championship, same points as Slovenia) makes the dairy team Classified as a “dark horse” as always. He has yet to become one of the favorites like no other.

Similar to Croatia, it is even more worrying about the “peak point” that may have passed with this team. Many of the main players have entered the final phase of their football careers, such as Simon Kjaer (35), Kasper Schmeichel (37), Thomas Delaney (32), Christian Eric. Ksen (32) or Mathias Sanka Jorgensen (34)


  • Champion : 4.7%

    Finalist : 10.6%

    Semi-finals : 23.4%

    Round of 8 teams : 48.5%

We see, everyone sees, and they admit it, that Belgium has passed its “golden era” — the era of Roberto Martinez and the Premier League bosses. The league which did best was only 3rd in the 2018 World Cup.

You have to keep an eye on that. This set of power In particular, there is no Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid) as goalkeeper for the reason that his fitness is not enough. (and has problems with Tedesco) How well will it work?