Hargreaves believes Paul Pogba increase Ronaldo’s chances

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Former Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves believes having Paul Pogba in the squad will increase Cristiano Ronaldo’s chances of scoring.

         “Red Devils” showed an impressive overall performance despite a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace, which Hargreaves believes that if the team has Pogba in midfield, there will be more opportunities. To create more goals for Ronaldo

         “If Pogba is playing in place of a player like Fred or McTominay, United will be playing in the opposition. And you have another player who can pass the ball to Cristiano Ronaldo,” Hargreaves told Premier League Productions.

Hargreaves believes Paul Pogba increase Ronaldo’s chances

         “So I think they played OK but Marcus (Rashford) was very quiet, Bruno was pretty quiet too, full-backs were important. The team has amazing strength. It’s really good.”

         “Using them, putting Varane and Pogba into the squad, United have one of the strongest teams in the Premier League. But they have to start playing like this. And I think today is a good step forward in doing that.”

Fellow pundit Tim Sherwood was full of praise for Fred after his match-winning display, though he feels United’s hopes of securing a top-four finish will rest on some of their injured stars returning and contributing.

Sherwood explained: ‘Fred and McTominay, we always criticise them – I mean, everyone has criticised Fred. People always find faults in his game but every single manager that takes over at the football club always plays him. He must be doing something right.