Mason Mount hope Chelsea continues his outstanding work.

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Chelsea attacking midfielder Mason Mount has urged the team to continue this good performance. After breaking to grab 3 points in the past game.

The Blue Lions defeated Norwich City 3-1 in the Premier League on Thursday. As a result, the famous London team have now collected 56 points from 27 games, holding them in third place.

“It was good when it happened in the first half because you can relax a little bit. It’s very similar to the goals I’ve had here a few years ago. We UFABET talked about how the cut-in stroke will free up space. Fortunately I shot on target and scored. I rushed the volley which I should have scored.

“There are a lot of things going on. We as professionals We have to focus on our game. have to let that try and speak up today we do that.

“We have a portfolio that fell in December and January. which we have asked ourselves how can this happen We want to come back and play the football we know we can play. And hopefully now we’re on the right track.” Mason Mount We have to focus on our game. have to let that try and speak up today we do that.