Massimiliano Allegri admits Juventus won’t be easy Salernitana 2-0

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Massimiliano Allegri admits Juventus won’t be easy Salernitana 2-0 ready to urge the team to give back to the club.

“Juventus” came back to win again with a raid. Salernitana 2-0 after a poor performance before losing to Chelsea 4-0 in European competition, followed by a 1-0 defeat at Atalanta at the weekend. 

Allegri said after the game: “I think the players did a good job tonight. It’s not easy to meet Salernitana in front of their fans.” 

“It was not an easy moment, we lost to Atalanta and should have scored more goals tonight, I said Juventus gave us a lot. And now it’s time for us to take responsibility and give back to this club.”

“We have to get back on focus because we’ve missed a lot of games against smaller teams this season.”

Allegri conceded the Bianconeri were out of the title race after Saturday’s 1-0 home loss to Atalanta, with Juventus sitting well off the pace.

Juve claimed their seventh league win of the season at Salernitana to move up to seventh spot with 24 points from 15 games.

“It hasn’t been an easy time. We lost to Atalanta and could’ve scored more goals this evening,” Allegri told reporters after the Salernitana win.

“I said Juventus have given us so much and it is time we have a sense of responsibility and give back to this club. We need to focus, because we’ve failed too many times against the smaller clubs this season.

“I told the lads, we had a lot of young players on the field today. So in these moments, they can suffer under the pressure. Fortunately, they held out well.”

“We’re trailing in the league at the moment because we dropped points too many times. These players have talent, but let’s not forget that only with experience. By making mistakes and learning from them. The understanding when it’s time to attack or defend, that is how they develop.