Ralph Rangnick want to return happiness to the Manchester United’s fan

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Ralph Rangnick , acting manager of Manchester United, want to return happiness to the Manchester United’s fan. Asking for more time Either the style of football that everyone yearns for or investing in the buying and selling market.  And the Organized a big name to stimulate all the energy.

New nest to get a job at Old Traifford  from Ole  preliminary contract for 6 months trailers to promote the consultants engaged for two years. Made an official press release yesterday.  

Recently, I sneaked into an interview with ‘ MU TV and ufabet  ‘ about the idea in my head that I want to return happiness to the disciples first. So I hope it will happen immediately in 6 months , without having to wait for 7-8 years of fantasies.

” I came to this city back about 10 years ago when I was in charge of the team, ” said the 63- year- old coach.  

“ I don’t want to say that I know the city very well. But at least I had a chance to see its impressions, the atmosphere. Then the people and the club here which gave me a heartfelt welcome. including showing it in 2-3 stories. ”

“ Personally, I am confident that in the next 2-3 weeks would know every nook and cranny of the city better. ” 

Ralph Rangnick want to return happiness to the Manchester United’s fan

“ There are a lot of things from the roads. The weather is not much different from Germany, at least the temperature. So it’s better to survive here. ” 

“ What I would like to say to our fans is that I know the expectations. Especially from the supporters. I would like to represent the players , staff that will come on the field in pursuit of success while playing with style. ”

“ The merging of the two Think of it as an important goal to do tomorrow , next week or next month. ”

“ Make sure the fans can see the potential of the team, how they want to play , what they can do , invest their energy – willpower to create a better performance. That’s a big target for next week. ” 

According to the website Transfer Market system of aptitude nest Koenig is 4-2-2-2 with midfield pair No. 6 or play 4-2-3-1 focus on attacking edge.