Raphael Varane insists a change his career at Real Madrid

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Raphael Varane insists he wanted a change and opted to end his career at Real Madrid, moving to Manchester United in the summer.

Man Utd’s France defender Raphael Varane has hailed the remarkable idea the former Real Madrid have had for the Champions League. He won the trophy four times before deciding to make a change to end his ten-year spell at the Santiago Bernabeu, moving to Manchester United last summer, according to The Telegraph. ‘ last Saturday 

‘After winning the Champions League, Real Madrid fans did not congratulate you,’ Varane told The Telegraph.

‘They tell you, ‘Okay, let’s go next time. that is after the first time And then I won it four times.’

‘But they always say, ‘Very good, see you next time’.

‘Sometimes I think you have to enjoy what you have. And we don’t always celebrate together. because for example After winning the Champions League last time We have a World Cup.’

‘Sometimes I want to stop and have time to celebrate success.’

‘That’s why Real Madrid are special because they have this kind of mindset. They are different.’

‘That’s why I need a change. Not because I don’t like the idea or because it’s bad, it’s very good, but I want to try something different,’ said Varane.