5 (Not) Secret Tips Take Care Of Your Health Easily At Home.

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What usually comes with the rainy season and frequently changing weather conditions It is various illnesses which are generally cause by exposure to germs while the body is weak. Or it may be caused by living during the rainy season. Which is staying at home. so that these things do not harm our health The medical clinic near home and heart would like to share 5 (not) secret tips. To take care of your physical health easily. And can be done at home. or rooms as well What will be there? Let’s see! สมัคร ufabet

1. Occasionally eat fruit as a snack.

For people who like to eat snacks between meals as life. May try to change from different types of snacks to fruit instead. This change is considered a double benefit. Because eating fruit adds vitamins to the body which contributes to strengthening immunity against flu It is also considered to reduce the amount of snacks that are not highly nutritious as well.

2. Drink more water (about 6-8 glasses per day).

Many people’s lives may be driven by strong coffee, soft drinks or sweet bubble tea. What our body can’t live without is plain water. Just drinking or sipping water frequently throughout the day can help stimulate the functioning of various systems within the body as well. And this stimulation will subsequently help the body to create full immunity.

3. When stressed, take a deep breath.

abstinence from study or working for a while Then take deep breaths to help the body relax from stress and calm the mind as well. But more important than that is This deep breath will bring large amounts of oxygen. Into the lungs and bloodstream. which contributes to our brains working more efficiently

4. Do light exercise and stretching regularly.

Due to the modern lifestyle, many people have to work in front of a computer or notebook for a long time, which sitting for a long time may have negative effects on the body, such as muscle aches in the neck, back, etc. Therefore, standing up stretch Or doing light exercise on a regular basis will help the muscles to stretch. and can mitigate such problems.

5. Wash your hands often with soap.

Another important way to take care of your health easily is not to get germs into the body. which should be sure Proper hand washing with soap after every activity and possibly using 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer after touching things outside to prevent COVID-19 exposure. 

And here are 5 simple ways to help take care of our health. These methods are quite basic things in our daily lives that we can do, but should increase the frequency of doing them until they become familiar and become a habit, that is, when working or reading a heavy book, you should take a few deep breaths, stand up and stretch. drink water to refresh eat some fruit And don’t forget to wash your hands every time after doing activities, etc.