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Let’s start the new year again. In addition to celebrating this happy festival Taking good care of your physical health, being strong, not hurting, not having a fever is also considered another key that will make our lives happy throughout the year – forever. For those who have always taken care of their health, it is considered that they are on the right track. But those who still neglect never take care of themselves. It’s not too late to start this year. But how to start?

7 tips that can be easily done If you can, it will definitely be a starting point to change you to be healthy. Let’s see what’s there.

1) Eat right 

Eat on time for all 3 meals, especially in the morning, which is an important meal. Don’t forget it. Then go to reduce dinner to make your stomach light and comfortable. Don’t eat dinner late at night. Importantly, each meal should eat a full 5 food groups properly. Don’t forget to add vegetables. Fruits to provide minerals and vitamins. and must eat on time Stomach disease will not ask for it. Additionally, letting yourself get hungry will cause your body to release stress hormones. also known as angry hunger Therefore, we should not let the stomach be empty for long and should eat on time and complete 3 meals in moderation.

2) Make sure you drink enough water. 

drinking water properly On average, about 8 glasses / day will help the metabolism. Blood circulation, which is necessary for the functioning of various organs, such as stimulating the work of the heart and kidney system to be more efficient. It also helps reduce the amount of fat in the body, reducing obesity without losing a penny . Drinking enough water also helps to hydrate the skin. Makes it bright from the inside out, suitable for people who are very health conscious.

3) Fit and Firm 

Be sure to exercise regularly. At least 3 times a week, not less than 30 minutes each time. It also helps strengthen the muscles, lungs, heart, and also helps lose weight . A good exercise should use large muscles at least 1 in 6 parts of the body. Recommended sports for strengthening muscles for office ladies, such as Pilates, yoga, aerobics, running, cycling or fitness, etc. For the men, in addition to heavy sports. My favorite, playing fitness, running and swimming is also a simple exercise. that makes the shape smart, look good, not get old quickly

4) Get enough rest 

Workers often choose to hang out with their friends. is relaxing But if it happens often Of course, it will easily deteriorate the body. Therefore, you should find time to sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day to help you start the day brightly. Or may find time to travel and relax during the holidays to help recharge the battery so that the body is ready to return to work fully.

5) Reduce, quit, stop 

behaviors that impair health. Sometimes it’s impossible to prevent each other. For behavior that is considered a lifestyle of working people. But you may set aside time for your health. If you don’t quit, you should cut down some alcohol and cigarettes because everyone knows that behaviors that deteriorate health are definitely not good because they are like adding toxins to the body. If someone has a good health cost, that’s good. But if someone has a body that is not strong When toxins are added, it causes the risk of various diseases. Especially liver cancer, lung cancer, and other diseases. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

6) Mental health is important. 

In addition to physical health Having good mental health can also have an impact on your overall health. Knowing this, find time to detox stress from exercise. Do hobbies that you like, travel, etc. Most importantly, find time to practice Dharma. read dharma books Clear your mind and meditate, which will allow you to cope with problems throughout the year.

7) Make time for your family. 

Do not be so busy with your work that you forget to pay attention to your loved ones, including parents, close relatives, friends and loved ones, because part of the happiness comes from these small points. Still enjoying the social world to the extreme, so don’t get so caught up in these virtual worlds that you forget about your loved ones.