Do You Know What A Vaccines Is? And How Does It Help

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from the situation of the spread of the COVID-19 virus And the influenza virus makes “vaccines” another thing that very few people will not know. however We may have different understandings of vaccines. With those understandings, sometimes they may be correct and sometimes they may be slightly inaccurate. Therefore, the medical clinic near home and heart therefore would like to share general knowledge related to vaccines, what exactly is a vaccine Why do we get vaccinated? And how does it protect our bodies?

What is a vaccine?

Vaccines are biological objects (antigens) produced from pathogens or toxins of pathogens that have been processed to prevent the disease from causing the disease but still stimulate the body to create immunity (antibodies). So it’s a completely wrong understanding. And one more thing to know is Vaccines can be divided into three categories based on their manufacture:

1. Killed vaccine 

It is a vaccine that is produced using whole dead germs, including hepatitis A vaccine. Cholera Vaccine Rabies Vaccine Or made from some components of the germ, including the hepatitis B vaccine. influenza vaccine

2. Live attenuated vaccine 

It is a vaccine that is produced by using pathogens through a process of attenuation to the point that it cannot cause disease. But it is enough to be able to stimulate the body’s immunity, including the oral polio vaccine. Chickenpox vaccine, tuberculosis vaccine, etc.

3. Toxoid vaccine 

It is a vaccine produced by inactivating the toxins of microorganisms that are important in causing various diseases. But those toxins can still stimulate immunity to diseases, including the diphtheria and tetanus vaccine.

How do vaccines work on the body?

Vaccines have a two-step process of action. The first step (Primary Response) occurs when the body receives the vaccine. The immune system responds by producing antibodies, and in the Secondary Response, the body produces a rapid increase in antibodies. From the date of vaccination 1 to 30 days or more and when the body receives the same type of antigen again will stimulate the response of the body faster than the first time Antibodies last longer and are more effective. and become immune As we understand each other, sure enough. ยูฟ่าเบท

Community-level immunity (Herd Immunity)

Another thing to know is that In addition to helping to boost the immune system of each person. Vaccination can also cause disease immunity in the community. Which is the immunity that arises from having a large enough population in the community to prevent the increase in the number of people with the disease and can spread the disease to other people again

That’s all, everyone will know about the working process of vaccines that we have injected since childhood, including the true benefits of it. or a global epidemic like COVID-19 They are all useful in helping the body build immunity which will reduce the severity of symptoms if infected in the future.