farts don’t want to “fart stinks – fart often”, what should I do?

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Have you ever had to feel ashamed of your friends or someone next to you because you accidentally fart. But do you know why your body farts? Ged Good Life has answers for you.

Fart for what?

It is usually not unusual to fart or fart. because it is a natural mechanism That the body has to expel the wind. Farting is the gas that occurs during the digestion process. And accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, while we eat food. We didn’t just swallow the food. but also swallows air causing our digestive system to accumulate a large amount of gas and the body wants to excrete these gases

The body will excrete these excess gases. Out of the body through 2 channels: excreted through the mouth or burp and excreted through the rectum or fart if these excess gases are not excreted from the body will cause accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract Causing feeling uncomfortable, distension, pain in the stomach, and bloating and flatulence can follow.

Farting often, smelly farts, tell your health .

Farting is generally considered more pros than cons. Because when we The body will drive excess gas. Which is waste from the body Not farting at all for the whole day indicating that an abnormality has already occurre We fart an average of 6-20 times a day. But if your fart smells bad or is accompani by any of the following symptoms. You may have a serious health problem.

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