Kidney Nourishing Food, Good For Kidney, Far Away From Disease

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Kidney Nourishing Food, Good For Kidney, Far Away From Disease

Eating a kidney-healthy diet is a way to help maintain healthy kidneys and reduce the risk of developing kidney disease. Because the kidneys are important organs. That filter and excrete waste from the body to help maintain the balance of water and minerals within the body. If the kidneys do not work properly, the fluids in the body will become imbalanced and may cause various diseases such as chronic renal failure. acute renal failure by UFABET

Therefore, the kidneys should nourished with nutritious food to keep the kidneys healthy and far away from disease. For people with kidney disease problems. They can study the benefits of these foods as well. But consult a doctor before consuming to be on the safe side. In this article, I will introduce kidney nourishing foods that can be easily eaten.

Kidney nourishing foods that easy available around you.

A kidney-friendly diet should be low in sodium, cholesterol and fat. Most of which can be found in foods such as low-fat meats, vegetables and fresh fruits. Examples of kidney-healthy foods that are easy to find include:

sea ​​fish

Marine fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids  (Omega 3), which are unsaturated fatty acids that are essential to the body’s functioning system, but the body cannot produce it on its own. Therefore, it needs to be obtained from the diet. Marine fish that are high in omega 3 and easily available include sea bass, mackerel, tuna and salmon.

Omega-3s have health benefits that help reduce the risk of heart disease, such as lowering triglyceride levels. reduce blood pressure and reduce the coagulation of blood clots. Which heart disease in particular high blood pressure It can damage the blood vessels in the kidneys and can lead to kidney problems.

skinless chicken breast

Chicken is a lean protein, especially skinless breasts. Skinless chicken breasts contain less phosphorus, potassium, and sodium than skinless chicken breasts. Eating skinless chicken breasts allows the body to get the right amount of protein, fat and useful nutrients. And reduces the risk of health problems than eating other types of meat that are high in fat.

Choosing skinless chicken breasts, you should choose clean, fresh chicken meat from a standardized restaurant and cook it yourself. This is because restaurant ready-to-eat skinless chicken breasts often use large amounts of seasoning to marinate. which may cause high levels of sodium and phosphorus

cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin K and are high in fiber. but low in phosphorus and potassium which is suitable for those. Who want to maintain kidney health away from disease Recommended cruciferous vegetables include cauliflower,  cabbage, broccoli  , and kale, but broccoli should be eaten raw as cooked broccoli contains more potassium.

Kale is rich in vitamins and minerals. Whether it’s vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium, it also contains Antioxidants  such as flavonoids  and carotenoids (Carotenoids) that have many health benefits as well. However, those undergoing dialysis should avoid eating kale. Because it contains vitamin K, which has anticoagulant properties. It also has a moderate amount of potassium.