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Are saunas really useful?

In the past, saunas may have been popular because they were places where people in the neighborhood met and talked. But nowadays there is research on the benefits of sitting in a hot room and steaming. Therefore, many people are interested in going to a

What causes boredom?

The nature and causes of boredom can vary according to how each person feels or experiences. One study has broken down the characteristics of people when they are bored. In addition to each person’s feelings life. The expression of boredom may depend on cognitive components,

Benefits of Eating Omega 3.

Benefits of Eating Omega 3: People who eat fish or seafood tend to have a lower risk of developing many chronic diseases. There is no clear evidence that this effect is due to the consumption of seafood or the omega-3s contained in those foods. Researchers have

Safety of consuming squid.

Although squid contains beneficial nutritional substances and may have a beneficial effect on health in some ways. But at present there is no clear recommended amount for eating. Consumers should always eat fresh, clean, and cooked squid in the right amount. To avoid side effects

4 causes of “kidney disease” that do not come from “eating salty”

17.6% is the number of Thai people with chronic kidney disease or those with latent kidney disease. representing about 8 million people of the Thai population but the group with end-stage renal failure It is about 80,000 and tends to increase every year around 1-2 ten thousand people per year. Previously, the World Health Organization

5 food groups that make the intestines dirty Affects health

The intestines are a very important organ in our body. It is responsible for digesting food and absorbing nutrients into the body. A healthy gut reduces the risk of developing diseases such as colon cancer. Hemorrhoids and constipation Certain foods can pollute the intestines. These foods include: 1. Foods that

5 (Not) Secret Tips Take Care Of Your Health Easily At Home.

What usually comes with the rainy season and frequently changing weather conditions It is various illnesses which are generally cause by exposure to germs while the body is weak. Or it may be caused by living during the rainy season. Which is staying at home. so that these things