19 Days – National Film Board of Canada 

This short documentary follows several refugee families during their first 19 days in Canada, as they navigate an unfamiliar terrain that has suddenly become their home.

19 Days reveals the human side of the refugee resettlement process. A unique look at the global migration crisis and one particular stage of asylum, it lays plain the realities faced on the difficult road towards integration.

Reserving Identities – Shaw TV Canada (National Premiere)

Reserving Identities examines the challenges faced by Aboriginal communities through the lens of its young people. Living amongst what appears to be two different worlds, these individuals hope to reserve their identities by exploring their Indigenous culture.

New Beginnings – Moving Forward

In this episode, host/journalist Asha Siad explores what it is like to find a new beginning in unlikely places through the stories of individuals that take a different path with unexpected outcomes. 

New Beginnings – Renewing a Dream 

In this episode host/journalist Asha Siad follows the lives of recent refugees and immigrants to Canada as they embark on a journey with renewed hopes. Although these individuals share the same optimism, some are faced with harsh realities while pursuing their dreams.

New Beginnings – Trailer

New Beginnings is a three-part documentary series that follows the lives of everyday Canadians. Capturing the hopes, dreams and struggles of these individuals, the series takes you on a journey of their lives as some attempt to create a new beginning while others find it in the most unlikely of places.

Sidiki’s Story (Web Documentary)

In 2010, there was a revolt in the farming fields of Rosarno, Italy. In addition to the already present exploitation, African men were harassed in the street by the locals. The tipping point of the event was when three African men were shot on their way home. This led to a mass revolt as the migrants stopped working and took to the street. Watch Sidiki’s story as he recounts what happened that day.

Barikama means Resistance (Rome, Italy)

Housed in an abandoned former textile factor, Barikama Yogurt is a glimpse into what happens when people are forced to create their own opportunities.

Beyond the Silence Documentary Film 2013 (Trailer)

Beyond the Silence explores the silences and challenges around breast cancer in several immigrant communities in Alberta. Through personal stories of women who have been affected by this disease, this documentary will take you on a journey inside their classrooms, clinics and homes and show you the other faces of breast cancer.

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